The story of Brides & Fathers

Every wedding has its own story and emotions, and we try our best to capture all of that in picture format. We bring you the stories behind the pictures.

1. Maki and her father (20 Dec 19)

“My father is an amazing father, taught me how to cook, the importance of respect and being humble. He is always there when we need him and celebrates us. The very first man i’v loved whole heartedly, I secretly looked for all the qualities he has when I was looking for a husband ?. An amazing man all round and an even better father.” Maki

Mr. Frans Matsobane Matabane is a known and highly regarded chef and has done a lot in his career. No wonder he taught his daughter how to cook.

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2. Lorraine & her father (14 Dec 19)

Lorraine’s father, Mr. Magezi James Maphali, a retired high school teacher, with a great sense of humor and loved by everyone. His students used to call him Sir Goza.

Sadly he couldn’t walk Lorraine down the aisle due to a recent illness that affected his mobility and speech. It was however so pleasant to see him stand strong besides his little girl as she said i do.

“You’ve taught me a lot of valuable lessons about love, perseverance and hope. God has given me a very precious gift by giving me you as a father. Happy fathers day dad.” Lorraine

“I use to dream of him walking me down the aisle, holding my hand as he leads to towards my husband. I’m blessed enough that he was there to witness it even when he couldn’t walk. I thank God for keeping him, and for him to be able to participate somehow. He was soo sick I was scared he couldn’t make it, but God gave him enough strength as the day approached. I’m grateful for that.” Lorraine

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3. Hlulani and her dad (19 April 19)

On the day of Hlulani & Ndivhuwo wedding, Hlulani’s mom was severely ill and in hospital. She only got to see her daughter’s wedding on video and pictures after recovery.

Her father, Mr. Peter Mahlaule, went the extra mile and was present by her side as she got ready for her BIG day.
He held her hand and said “All shall go well my daughter, daddy is here,” and that put a smile on her face.

“When mommy wasn’t there to fix my veil you stepped in and made me not to fill the absence of mom. The greatest dad in the whole world” Hlulani

Today Hlulani’s mom is well, regained her weight and back at work.

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4. Naki and her father

Naki’s father, Mr. Ntakuseni Patrick Vele “Ace” Ndou, “my father is the most selfless man I know always putting other people before himself.”

“My father is the most hard-working man, he has always set high standards for us to reach. He was one of the first 5 black South Africans that were awarded scholarships to study at Washington University (USA) in 1986. He then became one of the best lawyers of the Venda Republic. The first in his family to drive a gusheshe. His achievements are countless but above all his humbleness and love for people are what we love most about him.”


How did u feel walking down the aisle with your father?

That was a moment we both always dreamt of, I knew how proud he would be. I remember after he suffered a stroke in 2013, I prayed so hard for God to keep him so he can witness my wedding and meet his grandchildren.

Fortunately, Naki’s father is improving health-wise and going stronger.

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