Bridal Makeup part 2-Tips to a Black Bride

Bridal Makeup part 2 

Our earlier blog focused on bridal make up, specifically, the potential inconveniences that may occur as a result of an “overworked” make up artist.

There is a host of lessons and insights on the aspect of wedding makeup, and today we extend on this topic by looking at season appropriate hairstyles, as well as the choice of makeup.

I think I will not be too far off to mention that the majority of brides wish and hope for a beautiful sunny wedding day ☀. The growing trend of garden weddings tests to the above.

A Professional photographer like Masasestudio who has mastered the art of using natural light finds great pleasure in capturing garden weddings, and all the nature’s beauty.

So why are we talking about the weather? What does it have to do with makeup and hair?
Well, as beautiful as a sunny day can be, it also has its setbacks that need to be managed…
The perfect sunny day may most likely mean a hot day, especially in parts of our land like Limpopo, Northwest, Mpumalanga, Northern parts of Gauteng, etc.

Bridesmaids together with their counterparts are typically one of the first people to make the “grand entrance”. This is before the bride, the groom, and their entourage make their way.
It is common in black weddings for the procession to take long.

The beautiful bride in her splendour will be the last and most admired guest to walk the aisle, taking her time as she enters in her favourite song. No rush at this point…after all, it is the long-awaited moment she dreamt of for months if not years and the rest of the guests are in awe to see her in that gorgeous wedding dress. This moment is possibly one of the most memorable of any wedding day.
Meanwhile, our bridesmaids and the groomsmen stand in waiting for the bride and groom, and sometimes not necessarily in a shady area. In most cases, they would be exposed to the heat of the sun leading to sweating and discomfort.

(Ps: the commonly used Chinese umbrellas have proven very limited help in this regard, and are certainly an overly used item in weddings. We are excited of our next blog that will unpack a whole discussion on overly used items in weddings and what 2019 brides should “trash”)

Back to the discussion point…It is absolutely important that the above facts be considered when bridesmaids choose the hairstyle of the wedding day, especially for summer weddings. Long weaves and or fringes are likely to add to the heat, causing sweaty faces, ruined makeup, and possible wet hair. Besides the affected makeup, the photos may not be as pleasing to the eye, and on some occasions, we have to edit out parts of the video where bridesmaids look uncomfortable and sweaty.
In extremely hot days, tissues may be used to minimise the sweat, again either wiping away the makeup or leaving undesired white flakes on the neck and face areas. Our bride is usually safe from this if there is a well-organised maid of honour to fan her and make sure sweat is controlled (Hint to all maids of honour! )

Further on the issue of make up, is the choosing of correct make up for one’s skin tone.  Here we pay special focus to the bride…
As briefly mentioned in our previous blog, it is essential for our bride to do a makeup test and choose what is perfectly suited for her skin tone and colour before the big day. It is highly recommended that the bride uses an opportunity such as a pre-wedding photoshoot to test her chosen makeup, and preview how it looks from a lenses’ view.

At Masasestudio we believe that less is more as far as makeup is concerned. 

There are many trending makeup options including eyebrow styles like arch shaped, curve brows, textured brows , and the infamous “Angry bird” brows LOL. 

While the bride is at liberty to choose the look she prefers, it is our humble view at Masasestudio that creative eye brows and excessive make up, may not be the best way to achieving a flawless bridal look. And if creative styles are to be explored, it is also advisable to have a well experienced make up artist to do the job. 

Our experience proves to us that a flawless bridal look can be well achieved with a natural looking bride, limited make up creativity, and of course a well equipped and experienced photographer like Masasestudio.



Recommendations for this blog

#Short hair styles, Tie-back bunnies, cornrow styled hair are possibly some of the best choices for summer weddings or anticipated hot days.

#We cannot stress enough the importance of makeup testing for the bride before the big day.

@Masasestudio we give you a FREE  pre-wedding photoshoot, providing the perfect opportunity for the bride to preview her wedding makeup look on camera.

I hope you enjoyed this read. Catch the next blog as we unpack overly used ideas and habits that I believe are ready for the trash can in 2019.

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