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The story of Brides & Fathers

Every wedding has its own story and emotions, and we try our best to capture all of that in picture format. We bring you the stories behind the pictures. 1. Maki and her father (20 Dec 19) “My father is an amazing father, taught me how to cook, the importance of respect and being humble…. Read More

How to choose your Bridesmaids?

First of all, congratulations on finding the person you want to spend your life with. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so it makes sense to put some serious thought into who will be in your wedding party. Besides the responsibilities of your services providers like Decor, wedding photographer,… Read More

Matron of Honor vs Coordinator

Greetings again people, it’s been a week too long. As usual, we are still at it on weddings, planning, and everything in between. At Masasestudio, we absolutely love weddings and, what more glorious place to enjoy this than in ?? South African? ….with all its diverse cultures and beauty, our work can never have a… Read More

Wedding ideas/habits to “trash” in 2019

Hello again readers, brides, planners and co. We had lots of fun in the past 2 blogs when we unpacked the topic of bridal makeup and hair. Today we take a look at wedding ideas and habits that have reached an “expiry date”, and ready for the “trash can”.  Disclaimer: Today’s blog is quite wordy,… Read More

Bridal Makeup part 2-Tips to a Black Bride

Bridal Makeup part 2  Our earlier blog focused on bridal make up, specifically, the potential inconveniences that may occur as a result of an “overworked” make up artist. There is a host of lessons and insights on the aspect of wedding makeup, and today we extend on this topic by looking at season appropriate hairstyles, as… Read More

3 important tips on black bride Makeup arrangements and what can potentially go wrong

Masasestudio Wedding Tip #1 (Part 1) 3 important tips on black bride Makeup arrangements and what can potentially go wrong. By Fulufhelo Lukhwareni A black South African wedding typically starts at the bride’s home, amidst the pleasant morning sounds of ululation, the morning rush between bridesmaids, bride’s mother who is still making sure everyone is… Read More

Una’s Bridal Expo

I had a very eye opening experience meeting with other creative photographers at Una’s Bridal Expo, people like Puribo Photography and Anza R Photography. I was so inspired. Una’s Bridal Expo, a place where Vhembe, Musdina, Mutale, Nzhelele Wedding Suppliers gather to share ideas and meet potential clients. Different suppliers like Wedding Photographers, Wedding gowns… Read More