3 important tips on black bride Makeup arrangements and what can potentially go wrong

Masasestudio Wedding Tip #1 (Part 1)

3 important tips on black bride Makeup arrangements and what can potentially go wrong.
By Fulufhelo Lukhwareni

A black South African wedding typically starts at the bride’s home, amidst the pleasant morning sounds of ululation, the morning rush between bridesmaids, bride’s mother who is still making sure everyone is getting ready, and the bride who is inwardly anxious but excited at the same time. The joy and celebration in her home give her a warm feeling inside, and an assurance that her long-awaited big day has finally come.

The Richards Makwarela - Masase Studio Thohoyandou Wedding Photographer
A professional photographer like Masase Studio, who starts shooting from the bride’s home, has “bagged” some important lessons and insights over time, and would like to share with its blog readers and followers.

This blog focuses on Bridal Makeup and the possible wrongs that don’t have to go wrong!

In many occasions we have seen a simple thing as makeup creating 2 great challenges in a wedding:
1. Time inefficiencies, leading to a late start of a well-planned wedding program.
2. Photo opportunity compromised. **Photos are one of the most important tangibles of the wedding day.**

Let’s unpack it..

Many brides always get it right in looking for and booking a makeup artist before the wedding day.
The problem is when the same makeup artist is assigned to work on the bride, her bridesmaids, matron of honour, mother of the bride, flower girls, well let’s just say the list can extend even further on our beautiful South African weddings (…LOL)

Due to the long list of people to be worked on, the makeup artist has to start working in the early hours of dawn, to get through all the ladies before she works on the “woman of the moment”. Unfortunately, this leads to a huge compromise of quality of work as the artist usually has to “rush” through everyone in order to still work on the bride.
The makeup artist is also quite exhausted by the time she gets to work on the bride, which again potentially compromises the quality of her work. This even gets worse when the time to leave approaches, while she is still busy… all the aunts, uncles and parents start demanding for the bride to finish, “ it’s time to go makoti!”… some family members will even start knocking on the bride’s door, asking for the bride to “come out already”, while others would be singing audibly “si m’lindile umakoti” (we are waiting for the bride) eager to depart for the wedding venue.

All this amount of pressure, exhaustion, and destruction has a huge impact on the quality of make up the bride will be given, just before she walks done the isle.

The delayed departure of the family to the venue, in turn, leads to a “speed chase” as the convoy of cars races to get to the venue. This of course has the risks of road accidents on the way.
A late start not only causes the MC to rush people through the items of the program, it creates many other discomforts like, but not limited to: hungry and grumpy guests, limited photo session, guests from out of town may leave before the end of the event, lunch may no longer be served in its best-heated state, the disappointments can be endless for the bride and groom.

On the matter of photos, quality is compromised because the makeup was rushed, and the Bride’s make up is not at its best because of the insufficient time spent on it.

When using services and high-quality types of equipment like those of Masasestudio, makeup flaws can be exposed, much to the bride’s dissatisfaction. In turn, this also leads to more editing work for the professional photographer, taking away the beautiful natural look of the bride, as preferred.
Further, the time allocated for taking photos of the wedding party may either be reduced or shifted to a later time, sometimes after the wedding.

A professional photographer like Masasestudio needs to be allowed sufficient time to take and produce the best photographs of the day.
A photo session which is done with ample natural light will be the basis of great timeless photos for the bride and groom.
A photographer like Masasestudio who goes the extra mile for their client, may have identified a nearby special location to take photos of the bride and groom only, the main guests of the day! These photos are ideally the best from which the photographer is able to design items like portraits, photo books, dvd and cd cover photos.
Because of time, this special bride and groom photo session may also be reduced or even cancelled.

Masasestudio recommendations:

1. The Bride has to have a dedicated make up artist for the day, only focused on her.

2. Masasestudio highly recommends for a makeup test to be done before the big day, ideally on a day that a pre wedding shoot is done. This is easy with Masasestudio whose GOLD PACKAGE comes with a FREE pre-wedding photoshoot.

3. It also comes highly recommended for the bride to choose make up that maintains her natural look as best as possible. With the High Definition (HD) quality equipments like those of Masasestudio, the fine details and unevenness of the makeup can be exposed.

More will be shared on our next post.

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